People, People, People,

People are one of any organisation’s scarcest resources.

The core focus for DANGERFIELD business is to help organisations find and hire great people.  

Whilst we have a natural bias towards high growth high technology organisations, we have helped businesses in all sectors.   DANGERFIELD helps you define your long-term talent needs, develop a talent strategy to meet them and build the right systems to deliver on it on a global basis.

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Talent Acquisition team assessment

Whilst we implement sophisticated automated platforms to optimise your hiring processes, we know that candidate experience begins and ends with the quality of your hiring team.  We have global experts that can quickly assess your team, identify skills gaps and provide ongoing development support.  

We operate quickly and effectively, increasing your teams capability from day one.

Like many of our services, we can quickly wrap this into a commercially appealing fixed price project.


Team Augmentation

We provide access to an industry-leading network of talent professionals.  We provide interim recruitment professionals onsite or remotely, mostly in technology organisations but moving into other business sectors.  The total flexibility that this approach offers, allows organisations to cope with the peaks and flows often experienced in high growth or business transformation phases, injecting some motivated talent into an often overworked talent acquisition team whilst reducing external agency use.

We can also help boost your sourcing capability using my network of partners in South America and Asia – wrapped with management, process and someone to take accountability for the whole thing so you don’t feel like you are stepping into the unknown.


Talent Acquisition Hiring

DANGERFIELD has redesigned a 'retained recruitment' service to serve our growing client network. We have a strong representation across all sectors and HR related functions, and work with a wide range of clients from start ups to FTSE 100 organisations.

We provide our clients with the best HR professionals on a global basis – typical job roles we recruit for include: HR Director, Chief People Officer, Head of HR, VP of People, Head of Talent, HR Business Partner, Head of Resourcing, Head of Talent Acquisition, Head of Recruitment Head of HR Shared Services and Head of Learning and Development.  In addition we are adept at identifying and hiring true HR transformation and project management professionals.