OUR vendor independence enables us to deliver best of breed solutions for our customers.

By understanding your business requirements and drawing on our expertise of delivering recruitment transformation projects we are able to make informed recommendations around the most suitable partners and technologies to meet your business needs. 

DANGERFIELD offers an end to end solution approach to all of our engagements covering all aspects of people, process and technology.



Phenom People, the leader in Talent Relationship Marketing, helps companies attract phenomenal talent through personalized digital experiences. The Phenom People Talent Relationship Marketing Platform automates the complex process of driving awareness, interest, engagement, and acquisition for qualified talent. Phenom People helps some of the largest brands in the world attract phenomenal talent including AXA, Citrix, General Motors, Hershey, Informatica, IPG Media and The Royal Bank of Canada.



Candidate.ID is a software platform that applies marketing automation principles to recruitment. The centralised solution enables you to develop a more proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach to developing relationships with candidates and converting them into today’s applicants and tomorrow’s hires.

Designed by talent acquisition specialists, Candidate.ID’s Talent Pipeline Platform is the fast-track solution to hiring success whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.


Built from the conviction that recruiting is the responsibility of everyone at the company, Lever’s applicant tracking and sourcing technology draws the entire team together to source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent through effortless collaboration. Lever supports the hiring needs of over 1,300 companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Eventbrite, Lyft, Shopify, and Quora.



Foresight is the world’s first Recruitment Forecasting platform.

It creates an accurate forecast of hiring need across a specified tactical time frame.  Making truly proactive recruiting a reality.  At the click of a mouse, detail about your recruitment forecast can be viewed, analysed, compared and contrasted; ultimately to be used to build your recruitment strategy.

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HiringDay.™ is changing the way organisations hire.

We bring all the hiring decision makers into a single hiring event that supports your brand and organisational culture, managing identification, sourcing and screening of qualified candidates using clear hiring criteria.  The focus is on meeting people face-to-face, developing relationships and that human connection you cannot achieve through technology.  We create a hiring atmosphere, getting the most from qualified, engaged and informed candidates.


resourcing insight

Resourcing Insight specialises in Talent Acquisition and HR reporting design, build and management.

In a nutshell, they translate the vision and needs of our customers’ leadership teams from their heads into meaningful visually engaging Board quality Dashboards and reports.

These reports are either delivered through our customers’ existing ATS/HRS or, if easier, a cloud-based subscription service.

For customers making from 50 to 25,000 hires a year it removes the heart ache and hassle so many experience trying to gain meaningful data and reports from their ATS.



Source-Code is a new age recruiting company which specialises in providing ‘hire ready’ software developers from Central & Eastern Europe to tech companies around Europe. They also leverage their local presence across the CEE Region by supporting businesses in building their own 'nearshored' development centres in Prague (Czech Rep.), Bratislava (Slovakia) and Kiev (Ukraine).