OUR vendor independence enables us to deliver best of breed solutions for our customers.

By understanding your business requirements and drawing on our expertise of delivering recruitment transformation projects we are able to make informed recommendations around the most suitable partners and technologies to meet your business needs. 


Candidate.ID is a software platform that applies marketing automation principles to recruitment. The centralised solution enables you to develop a more proactive, engaging, multi-touch approach to developing relationships with candidates and converting them into today’s applicants and tomorrow’s hires.

Designed by talent acquisition specialists, Candidate.ID’s Talent Pipeline Platform is the fast-track solution to hiring success whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.


With an Amsterdam base, SHIFT// works with global technology and consulting organisations providing hands-on delivery capability supported by strategic consulting.  SHIFT// has been providing large organisations support with their talent acquisition strategy, tactical planning and operations for almost 10 years.  They have built a reputation for partnering closely with business leaders, building transparent, efficient recruitment programs and improving the perception of corporate recruitment.

Our formal partnership enables us to deliver services seamlessly in The Netherlands as well as providing a reciprocal trading relationship for SHIFT//.


Foresight is the world’s first Recruitment Forecasting platform.

It creates an accurate forecast of hiring need across a specified tactical time frame.  Making truly proactive recruiting a reality.

At the click of a mouse, detail about your recruitment forecast can be viewed, analysed, compared and contrasted; ultimately to be used to build your recruitment strategy.


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