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Every organisation wants to identify and hire the best talent available.

I offer an organisationally appropriate approach to recruitment strategy.  I talk about strategy with a little ’s’ with typical engagements providing clarity of thought on approach, reviewing the end to end recruitment process prior to implementing a model based on a direct recruitment team or industry experts to help you outsource, create a new model or just do more.

My offerings are constantly evolving based on successful assignment delivery and constant engagement with new technology providers.  The typical ‘leave behind’ is a recruitment model that will allow organisations to recruit successfully but with scope for personal tailoring and development.  Consulting projects can include:

  • Building an in-house capability
  • Development of an agile hiring approach
  • Defining sourcing strategies, routes to market and channels
  • Developing retention strategies
  • Recruitment social media design and building talent communities
  • Supporting technology decisions and implementation
  • Project Management of specific recruitment campaigns or specific projects such as HR technology implementation, diversity and inclusion or third party performance

My focus is on creating meaningful recruitment plans that add value to your organisation.  On the basis we all love a business model, I work broadly with this when engaging with a new client:


I work with founders, senior leaders and stakeholders to understand the desired outcomes, creating a deliverable and end point that everyone can read, understand and engage with.

Before commencing the project I share the plan and equip leaders and influencers with enough information to be able to challenge and edit the project plan or embrace and continue.

I will proceed with the project (solo or with a team) with regular updates, progress reports etc. helping employees throughout the organization understand and engage with new ways of working.

I build commitment and belief in new ways of working through consistent communication, alignment of organisational practices and bottom up examples of behavioural change. 


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