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Services - Employer brand & Candidate Experience

In the recruitment community there is much talk about candidate experience.

To some it has become a passing fad, a buzzword or the latest snake oil.  My personal take on it is that a good candidate experience enhances your brand, is more likely to secure elusive passive candidates and increase the likelihood of hiring candidates that are engaged and enthusiastic.

Candidates are operating more like consumers; sharing hiring experiences, good and bad along with interview questions, assessment centre results and what the first contact from the recruiter was like.

More and more there is a link between employer brand and candidate experience, with organisations needing to ‘live their brand’ to attract good people.

Having been involved in a number of end to end candidate experience reviews as well the development of a number of employee value propositions I have developed an agnostic approach that helps organisations of any size make tangible plans to improve the engagement they have with current and future employees.  My approach covers three key areas:

  • Research & Advisory Services: I help organisations understand what it actually offers of value to employees, helping to reshape the EVP if it already exists or work with the business to identify what really matters to people.  This is the opportunity for the management team to revaluate what the brand means to them.
  • Activation & Talent Sourcing: The activation phase is all about agreeing what is going to be said, where and how.  The size of the organisation will dictate my role, either taking the lead on copywriting, website content or identifying and engaging with an appropriate third party.

Where I play a more active part is in the development of the ‘recruiter’ story, aligning the new brand message with everything your recruiter says and does.  Helping you establish the company as the employer of choice.

  • KPI Development & Tracking: This forms part of my ‘leave behind’.  Success in any brand development project relies on constant testing and measuring, seeing what campaign techniques, messages and channels work.  I then build a dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to allow the business to keep track of performance levels in order to make continuous improvements.

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