Everything has changed…

Everything has changed, you make the rules not me… or at least that is how it could be…   It’s the new year, that reflection time about what worked what didn’t last year… In my personal life, whilst I give some of it away from time to time the majority will stay in my head.  Work is more challenging, you will have noticed I talk about experience but very rarely name people (except you John for good reason and you Rod for bad)… it has been suggested I should tell more but then I would need to get every post reviewed and edited before publishing and quite frankly they are my words…

I have written before that the relationship we have isn’t quite working.  Certainly that is how it has felt sometimes.  I write, you read and some of you tell me what you think.  Some of you are kind, some of you are constructive and some of you… well you know who you are… 

I have always wanted my blog to stand up for itself to have an opinion.  What some ofyou have said is that I have gone ‘breezy’ rather than more personal and insightful.  That I am playing it safe?  I don’t disagree as I have said before I have lost some of the anger I brought to my blog back in award winning 2010 but what I feel I have left is more of a genuine look at the recruitment industry.

My single voice brings strength and weakness; strength in that I can talk about what I want to talk about yet the weakness is in that solitary voice.  In short I need you and I hope you need me, even just for a  while.  So I am looking for a five posts from five individuals for a ‘week of guest blogs’.  No fixed topic just something related to recruitment, talent acquisition and the industry we love and hate in equal measure.  I aim to publish in February with some associated razzamatazz to promote some readers and some debate.

So... my question for you.  Are you in or are you out?

Blog posts/ideas/questions to me@martindangerfield or @MDangerfield.

Talk soon.